Bryan Caron

Owner/Creative Director

Bryan is a multi-talented artist covering all fields of artistic expression, including graphic design, creative writing and filmmaking. But that's just the logline.

He started out at a young age in the creativity department with a flair for coming up with elaborate stories. Excitement raced his body whenever his English teacher assigned that next short story assignment (and we're not talking about the dreaded theme — "What I Want for Christmas" — or an essay, though he always seemed to hammer out the A's on those just the same). He couldn't wait to get home to watch that ink (or graphite as the medium called for) melt into the paper with his next grand adventure.

In high school, things shifted a little. Though he always found as much time as he could to write, other artistic aspirations and expressive outlets started to creep in like little gnats swarming about his brain, demanding his attention. He took a few elective art and graphics classes, and started to find a passion in moving pictures with a weekly dose of movies at the local cinema (whether with his friends or his parents, he had to see at least one new movie a week... a trend that's remained active to this very day, though now it's more like two or three a week, depending on the movies that Hollywood delivers).

His love for cinema took over his better judgment, grabbing hold of him with its misguided claws and flying him in the direction of film school. That didn't last very long, to say the least, and Bryan found himself in a state of limbo, unsure of what he really wanted. He soon found his way out by choosing to study art — but the inkling to write continued to manifest itself under his skin. When he finally listened to its incessant call, he took a creative writing course and that was it; he finally returned to his true love.

Graduating with a Bachelor degree in Creative Writing wasn't all it was cracked up to be, though. Bryan had to find a tangible source of income, so he went back to school to earn an Associate degree in his second artistic love, Computer Graphic Design. With that now under his belt, he could finally make a living doing something fun and artistic while pursuing his writing in his off time. Doing so led him back to filmmaking and the realization that if something was going to happen in the field of writing, he couldn't just sit around and wait to be discovered.

After learning the basics in film editing, coupled with the knowledge he had acquired from that original failed quest at film school, Bryan started making films whenever he could find the opportunity (and the funding). From that point on, he remained a mild-mannered graphic designer by day and a vigilante film maker/writer by night, eventually producing six films (short and feature length), a couple of commercials, and three novels over the span of eight years. That doesn't include his freelance volunteer work as a film editor and graphic designer.

Now he's at it again — taking his future into his own hands by developing his very own business. Seeking to create visually stunning works in all the fields of art he's been trained in (or taught himself in), Bryan remains driven with a perseverance to better himself creatively, professionally and personally. Reaching outside of the box and remaining true to the integrity of the work (and the beauty of the art) is what he demands from himself (always has, always will), and that is what you can expect when you choose Phoenix Moirai.

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