Aesthetic & Creative Editing*

Congratulations! You successfully turned the idea that's been bouncing around your head into a manuscript. You've made all of the changes and have rewritten it a dozen times. It feels right; it feels ready. But is it really? Does it make sense to someone other than you? Does it flow correctly and have you plugged up all of the plot holes?

There's only one way to find out — give your manuscript to someone else to read. A friend or a relative is fine, but the majority of the time they will tell you what you want to hear, and not necessarily the absolute truth. By sending us your manuscript and taking advantage of our aesthetic and creative editing services, we will answer those questions as honestly and bluntly as possible.

No matter what draft your work may be in,** we will check it all for narrative flaws, inconsistencies and questions that may arise in a potential reader's head. No issue is too small; if it might be a problem, we'll raise it so you can at least know it's there (whether you agree is up to you).

Our aesthetic and creative editing services will check for:

Plot & Story

Sometimes, when you've reached a point in your story, your characters get stuck. There's no way out. So you manufacture a way out in order to keep the story going. But does it make sense? We'll let you know and offer suggestions.


Are your characters consistent? Do they grow the way they should throughout the story? Are there too many of them? We'll pick our way through each one to make sure that their growth is logical and believable.


Make sure that the structure of your piece is where it needs to be, that the voice is consistent and that it doesn't bounce across various tones, points of view or styles.

Historical Accuracy

We'll do what we can to make sure that every detail in your piece is accurate so that it makes sense and gives off a realistic vibe.

And don't think these services apply only to novels. We will edit anything from essays to bios, screenplays and text books.

Nurture your baby into the best piece of writing you can deliver. Request a quote today. And don't forget to check out our Publication Packages for a more convenient and concise order.

*One complete read-through of the document is known as an "editing pass." We can do as many editing passes as is necessary to get it right; each pass can be a separate request or part of one overall quote. Please let us know how many passes you would like to have with your request. If you would like to have both creative and technical editing done, please make sure to note that in your request as well.

**Quotes will be based on the length, the draft, and the complexity of the document. We will need (and will request) a sample of the manuscript to gauge how much work may be needed before a full quote can be assessed.

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