Creative Writing*

Anyone can come up with an idea and string a few words, sentences and paragraphs together, but not everyone can write. Finding the right voice, the right tone and the right structure of any work can frustrate even the most seasoned of writers, much less a novice or the guy down the street who hasn't studied one iota of the craft. Not to mention that dialogue and narrative can become quite dry and stunted if developed by the wrong hand.

That's where a good ghostwriter comes in. If you have an idea that you've wanted to turn into a book, article or biography but have had difficulty in the process (and the art) of writing, we can bring that idea to fruition with the hand of a professional scribe who will build the necessary worlds, plots and ideas you've dreamed up and make them live and breathe the way you always meant them to.

We offer ghostwriting services for the following:


Have an idea but don't have the skills to produce a compelling manuscript? We'll turn that nothing into something with a unique voice and compelling nature that matches you and your personality.

Biographies (or Autobiographies)

Whether long or short (or both), tell the world about who you are and where you came from with an inventive, fun and compelling biography.

Blog Posts

Need a compelling, creative post for your blog but don't have the time to write it? Let us help you score the hits you deserve while staying true to the voice of your blog.


Need some text written that interests your followers and tells them everything they need to know about your company and what matters to you? We'll give them that information with a creative flair and a compelling voice.

Menus, Brochures & Catalogs

Inform your customers of what you have to offer, and what your items and services include, with descriptive yet fun informational texts.

Whatever it is you feel the need to say, let us say it for you with as much creativity and precision the art form allows. Request a quote today.

*We understand that not everyone can pay before a piece is published (especially in regards to fiction). Although our ghostwriting services are offered with the understanding that Phoenix Moirai and its writers will be authoring your texts without credit (or passing the credit on to you), should you choose to pay via a royalty option (that is, pay us a certain percentage made off of all sales), we must insist on some form of credit, whether shared on the cover or noted in the disclaimer. These options will be discussed upon receiving your request.

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