Video Direction*

We all know it's true — everyone wants to direct. Being in charge of and making the decisions that affect the outcome of a film, commercial or stage play can be a satisfying drug. You have a vision and you want to realize that vision and make it your own; to give voice to it with your own hand. But not everyone has the tenacity to see it all of the way through, or has the capability to capture what they need to make it worthy of the images in your head.

We can help. If you are a writer, an actor or a producer with the funding to get that next project going but have no one to give voice to the piece, look no further. We know how to speak to actors and get the best performances possible, we know how to handle a set, and we think not only in the minute details of each scene and how they relate to the character, the situation and the themes, but to the overall balance of the film in structure, editing and cohesion. We never take mediocre when we can achieve greatness.

We are available to direct anything your heart desires, including:

Film & Stage Direction**

We'll take the reins and guide the filming of short or feature films, music videos, commercials, television shows, stage plays, webisodes or promotional videos into raw footage that you can be proud of.

Behind-the-Scenes Direction

For any type of film shoot or stage play, we'll take a step back from the main team to direct the chaos that goes on behind the cameras and give the world a first-class window into how you created your magnificent piece of art.

1st Assistant Direction

Have a director, but still need someone to assist in running the set and keeping everyone in line? We've got your back.

Turn your vision into the reality you were hoping for. Request a quote today. And don't forget to check out our Video Packages for a more unique and concise order.

*Phoenix Moirai does not currently have any affiliation with big name or A-list talent, production studios or film festivals. That does not mean that we will not do everything we can to form these types of connections if the right budget is in place. Projects and services may be rejected for any reason, including the content of the script or the lack of a budget.

**Discounts may be offered for films and videos that have a budget of less than $250,000. Once we have reviewed the script, we will determine which discounts will be applied.

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