Marketing Writing

When selling a product or service, you need to convey your message in the most efficient, concise and practical way possible so as to get the readers attention and make your mark within seconds. That message can be humorous, exact, technical or informative (or all of the above), just so long as it is interesting and doesn't feel cluttered, abrasive, pushy or unbelievable (or too good to be true).

We can help you write that next winning piece of ad copy or create the text that will entice your customers to purchase that new product or service, simply because they found your message compelling enough to choose you over the next guy. Our marketing services include:

Ad Copy

Deliver ads that stand out and get noticed with fun, inventive and informative copy that doesn't distract from the graphics, but enhances it.

Commercial and Promotional Scripts

Ads for television or the web always start with an idea. Begin your promotional video, ad or commercial on the right foot with an engaging script.


Announce your new product or service with great flair and a strong voice that urges people to try it without them even realizing it.

Book and DVD Blurbs

Tell everyone what your book or movie is about without giving anything away in a well-crafted blurb.

Press Releases

Reveal your next project to the press in style with a release that not only informs, but adds a nice, interesting style.

Website Content

Provide interesting and coherent copy for your website that informs while staying true to the voice of the company.

Make your marketing campaigns work with copywriting and scripts that mean more than just a sales pitch. Request a quote today.

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