Misc. Design Services

Art and design encompasses far too many things to reduce them all into just a few major categories. If you perused the rest of the design services and still haven't found what you're looking for, that doesn't mean we can't do it. Phoenix Moirai is here to assist you in all of your design needs, so we'll consider any request that comes our way with a serious attitude and the highest regard to its importance.

Some additional services that didn't make sense in any other category include:


Let everyone know about your new baby, your graduation, a new business acquisition or any other type of special announcement.


Invite everyone to your birthday party, dance recital or hundreds of other special occasions with specially crafted invitations.

Greeting Cards

Tell someone you love them, say Merry Christmas or send your well-wishes with a unique and creative greeting.


Keep track of where you left off in that exciting new novel with a personal bookmark.

Bumper Stickers & Window Stickers

Highlight your business or send a fun message while driving around town with an original, unique design.


Make your customers' appetites soar with a visually compelling, organized menu.


Whether on a wall, on a desk or attached to the fridge, spend the year with your own personal flair.

Whatever it is you may need, request a quote today and let us make your ideas a reality.

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