Personal Identity Design

Before you can build anything, whether it be a high-rise, a story or a lie, you need a solid foundation to guarantee the structure being built doesn't come crumbling down. For a business, that foundation is your personal identity, which seeks to grab the attention of a new customer and distinguish you from the bevy of competition. It's the first impression a potential customer has on you and your business, so to make sure they pay attention to the brand you eventually want to create, you must give them a reason to keep exploring.

Logos of course are the main focus of a personal identity — but that's only the beginning. To keep your presence in the conscious of the customer and continually elicit impressions of that identity, you have to make sure everything in your branding arsenal reminds them of who you are.

In order to accomplish this, we offer various services to help build that first impression and give you a unique, powerful presence among the overload of visual stimuli that floods the marketplace, including:


Whether typeset or graphic in origin, give your customers a reason to remember you and your company.

Business Cards

Make an impression when leaving your calling card with a new or potential customer.


Whether it's an inner-office memo, customer correspondence or a bill, make sure the receiver knows where it's from.

Address Labels & Envelopes

Make your mail memorable with unique labels that match your identity.


Social media matters — keep your presence consistent with an avatar of your logo.

Make that first impression sing. Request a quote today. And don't forget to check out our Personal Identity Packages for a more convenient order.

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