Video Producing*

There are millions of people throughout the world that have ideas, scripts and connections, but don't have the means or the knowledge to produce their script into a viable product. It takes a lot of work and determination to go from script to screen, having to deal with all aspects of production — from budgets to scheduling, casting to wardrobe. It's a lot to handle and takes a lot of energy.

Whether you're in pre-production or post-production, as long as you have a budget in place,** we can take some of the stress away by offering assistance in a multitude of ways, including:

Script Rewrites

Need to sharpen up that dialogue or fill up some plot holes? We'll clean up your script and make it as close to perfect as we can.


Manage your finances with a clear, concise and well thought out budget that includes all of the above- and below-the-line costs (with a little added petty cash thrown in).


Make the schedule work for you with an organized and detailed plan of action that takes actor and location availability into consideration while making the schedule work for the budget.


Find the right people for every position in your cast and crew.

Location Scouting

Discover and secure the perfect locations for filming.


Develop solid contracts for your cast and crew that detail everything they need to know in a clear and concise manner while not skimping on the necessary legal jargon.

Call Sheets

Get your actors and crew prepared with up-to-date and accessible call sheets.

Festival Scouting*

Find the right festivals for your film and have all of the materials set and ready to go for your venture into the festival circuit.

Whatever your budget and needs may be, we can help control the chaos that comes with producing a film or video of any type. Request a quote today. And don't forget to check out our Video Packages for a more convenient and concise order.

*Phoenix Moirai does not currently have any affiliation with big name or A-list talent, production studios or film festivals. That does not mean that we will not do everything we can to form these types of connections if the right budget is in place. Projects and services may be rejected for any reason, including the content of the script or the lack of a budget.

**Discounts may be offered for films and videos that have a budget of less than $250,000. Once we have reviewed the script, we will determine which discounts will be applied.

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