Publication & Key Art

The proverbial "they" always say you can't judge a book by its cover. The problem is, we all do, no matter how much we would like to think otherwise. And just like a company's logo, a cover or poster can be the make or break factor in whether a customer picks up your book, magazine or CD, or chooses to ignore it completely. Your content is only as important as its container.

We want to make that average passerby stop and consider what might be waiting for them behind the cover. We want to push them beyond the mere status of looky-loo and urge them to purchase what you have to sell them with our array of publication and key art services, including:

Book Covers

Get readers interested in opening your novel to read what you've spent hours, days or years crafting with a stunning and captivating book cover.

Magazine & Catalog Covers

Urge potential clients to absorb the information and products you're presenting to the public with a visually enticing cover.

Movie Posters

Fascinate the average movie patron with a poster that forces them to stop in their tracks and soak up the essence of the movie in one glossy image.

DVD & CD Covers

Create clout among the sea of buyers with a glorious package that pushes your customer to the register with the next great album or movie.

Draw the customer in with eye-candy that won't let go, even after they've forked over their cash. Request a quote today.

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