Publication Packages*

Your novel is your baby, and you need to protect it; we understand that. We want to help by assisting you in crafting the best work imaginable. In order to do that, we have created several packages to help both the novice and the professional remove the blinders that may be hindering their progress, or lend a hand in turning a manuscript from slush-pile worthy to best-seller quality. If you're worried about any aspect of your manuscript or want to take it to the next level of professional merit, we're here to make that happen.

Basic Publishing Package - starting at $850**

For the writer who needs a little help with those last-minute finishing touches before publication. Services include:

Phoenix Publishing Package - starting at $1,750**

Much like the Basic Package, this will help you put the finishing touches on your manuscript while also creating the visual representation of the novel. Services include:

Premiere Phoenix Publishing Package - starting at $2,500**

For the writer who wants to make absolutely sure their novel is in top-quality condition and visually stunning before pushing that final publication button. Services include:

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*Any additional services can be added upon request for an extra fee.

**Prices will depend on the length and complexity of the manuscript and editorial needs. These will be negotiated upon receiving your request.

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