Technical Editing*

You've got that book, short story or article written. You're excited about it and want to get it out into the world. But you know it's not ready. You've done your due diligence with spelling and grammar checks, but you still aren't confident that you were able to catch every little thing that could be caught, which might make your finished product look unprofessional if sent out into the market, needing constant changes and updates after all of the harsh critics out there have had the opportunity to sound off.

Don't let that happen to you. No matter what draft your work may be in,** get it checked for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, missing words and misplaced commas with our complete and thorough technical editing services. We'll take the time needed to go word-for-word, line-by-line to find every minor or major mistake (as humanly possible, that is) that may be hidden within the text.

Our technical editing services will check for:


Spell checkers are good at catching words that don't exist in their libraries, but different software have different dictionaries so it's hard to catch them all without a good thorough check from someone outside of the software.

Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar checks in software can be of help, but it's quite hit or miss. Plus they don't take into account your voice and meaning, so sometimes they are completely wrong. Did you miss a period, add a comma or use the wrong tense for a word? Sometimes only the naked eye can find those issues.

Word Misuse

Don't accidentally use the wrong spelling of a word (like here for hear, or vice-versa) and cause accidental misinterpretation of a phrase because of it.

And don't think these services apply only to novels. We will edit anything from essays to bios, screenplays and text books.

Clean up your text and take the worry out of critics bashing your work because of poor spelling and grammar. Request a quote today. And don't forget to check out our Publication Packages for a more convenient and concise order.

*One complete read-through of the document is known as an "editing pass." We can do as many editing passes as is necessary to get it right; each pass can be a separate request or part of one overall quote. Please let us know how many passes you would like to have with your request. If you would like to have both creative and technical editing done, please make sure to note that in your request as well.

**Quotes will be based on the length, the draft, and the complexity of the document. We will need (and will request) a sample of the manuscript to gauge how much work may be needed before a full quote can be assessed.

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