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mystery man logo illustration

Inject vibrancy into your business with a light-hearted vector illustration.


From charming characters and amusing caricatures to delightful mascots, informative infographics, detailed maps, and lifelike portraits, the dedicated illustrators at Phoenix Moirai are eager to imbue your logo, website, or headshot with a creative and spirited essence.


Why settle for low-resolution graphics on your website or email signature when vectorizing can elevate them to a sharp, high-quality graphic, regardless of size? Introducing an illustration or two can also breathe new life into your next mundane, routine presentation.


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Business doesn’t have to be boring.


Mind-numbing business tactics can turn potential clients away.

Add illustrations to documents, social media, websites, and presentations to go from tedious to exciting.


Make ’em laugh!


Kids aren’t the only one who love to have fun. 

Spice up your persona by adding a fun cartoon mascot or caricature to your personal repertoire.

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