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WordPress Plugins

Below is a list of available WordPress plugins and licenses available through Phoenix Moirai.

Phoenix Moirai Theme Pro

A fast, reliable WordPress theme that handles any type of website. Fully customizable and lightweight, Phoenix Moirai Theme Pro offers great speed with a less than 50kb frontend file size. Theme includes several sidebar and widget options, many possible templates, integrated code, and the ability to use your favorite page builder. Additional features include Woocommerce integration, customizable site layouts and page headers, extended navigation menus, sticky headers, advanced colors, backgrounds, spacing, and typography options, and various other pro extensions. For a fast, reliable, completely customizable theme, choose a Phoenix Moirai Theme pro license. Powered by Brainstorm Force’s Astra theme.

PM 301 Redirects

Stop losing visitors. PM 301 Redirects is a plugin to help you take control over the three most overlooked SEO issues on your website: redirections, 404 errors, and bad/old links. Easily handle 301 or 302 redirects, scan and verify links, and automatically send bots to your 404 page without slowing down your site. Stop losing visitors with a PM 301 Redirects license. Powered by WP 301 Redirects. 

Power Widgets
(for Elementor)

Power Widgets include over 70 creative Elementor widgets and templates. All widgets are built with user friendliness in mind and are engineered to work with minimal resources. Create stunning Woocommerce pages, leverage the power of SEO, customize login pages, style your forms with ease, and restrict content for certain users. Build beautiful, unique sites with Elementor with a Power Widgets license. Powered by PowerPack Addon for Elementor.

PM Widgets Pro
(for Elementor)

PM Widgets Pro include over 90 innovative Elementor widgets, global features, and section addons, and over 500 pre-built templates. PM Widgets Pro also includes Lottie animation integration, advanced Woocommerce listing and display  integration, and faster performance. With more customization options than any other Elementor addon plugin, a PM Widgets Pro license is beautiful, sophisticated websites without having to be an expert in coding. Powered by Premium Addons for Elementor.

Stick Anything

What you do with Stick Anything is in the name: make any element on your WordPress site sticky without messing with any code. Works with all of your favorite themes and site builders. With a Stick Anything license, just pick whatever element you want and stick it to your page. Powered by WP Sticky.

Comment Captcha

Do you get hundreds of daily SPAM emails on your blog? Ever feel frustrated because your Google reCaptcha won’t work to stop the bots from commenting on your blog or products? Has your membership site been attacked by unrelenting bots? Comment Captcha fixes all of that. Easily add one of six different Captchas to comment, Woocommerce, BuddyPress, and login forms. The plugin also includes a custom login page, firewalls, and cloud blacklists. Safeguard your site and customers from irritating SPAM and brute force attacks with a Comment Captcha license. Powered by WP Captcha.

Phoenix Moirai Secure Web

Secure your website with Phoenix Moirai Secure Web. WordPress is one one of the most used platforms for website construction, which means it is attacked more than any other platform. Hide your admin area, common paths, and major WordPress injection points from hackers and intrusive bots. Stop brute force attacks with custom login pages. Protect from SQL injection and cross-site scripting. All with a Phoenix Moirai Secure Web license. Powered by Hide My WP Ghost.

Moirai Projects Bundle

Take your project management to the next level with Moirai Project Bundle. With innovative project visualization, you’ll earn more while and keep clients up to date while spending less time managing projects. Automate tracking on the progress of each project, manage documents and approvals, and delegate and discuss progress with team members. Integrate with the likes of Woocommerce, Slack, BuddyPress, and Sprout Invoices. Moirai Project Bundle includes several extensions, such as project delays, photo gallery, front-end editor, sub tasks, and Kandan, and does not have any limits on the number of projects or users either. Bundle. Stop wasting time managing your projects with a Moirai Projects Bundle license. Powered by Project Panorama.

Additional Licenses

Click the following links for more information on additional WordPress Plugin licenses available from Phoenix Moirai.

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